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Teddy’s Birthday

By Mike Brooks

Suitable for children aged 6 and under

It’s Eddy the Teddy’s birthday. He told his best friend Sammy Ragdoll that he’d love a surprise.

Sammy decides to throw a party and to make it a bigger surprise, she pretends to forget his birthday. The plan backfires as Eddy wanders off feeling sorry for himself.

​He’s wandered off without any breakfast and is soon hungry. Jack blackbird, Pat the Dog and Robert the Frog offer him a worm, a bone and some flies but these don’t appeal. What makes matters worse, is that he’s now lost.

​Meanwhile Sammy is searching for Eddy to get him to the party and give him some honey for his present. Will she find him in time?

The show uses many elements of theatre, mime, puppetry and songs to join in with.It’s a perfect introduction to live entertainment for children who’ve never been to a show before,and a welcome return for Eddy the Teddy’s young fans.


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