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CRÉ Believing Earth

Event: CRÉ Believing Earth

CRÉ Believing Earth

CRÉ Believing Earth

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CRÉ Believing Earth 

This exhibition will run until December 22nd at 2pm

The Irish rural landscape is shaped by wetlands: raised bogs formed in the midlands region while mountain blanket
bogs define Ireland’s Atlantic seaboard.  Over ten millennia sphagnum mosses and plant debris have accumulated at a rate of 1mm per year, fuelled by the relentless rain approaching from the Atlantic Ocean. This slow process changed the Irish landscape gradually but surely over time. Human intervention contributed further to this change, using turf as a domestic and industrial fuel source and harvesting peat as a growing medium. Accelerated by machine cutting, however, more than a third of Irish wetlands are now lost through cutting for turbary. Now our understanding and use of boglands needs to change again, given their crucial role as carbon sinks in the age of climate collapse.
The exhibition draws attention to human interaction with the Irish boglands, focusing on the folklore, mythology, traditions and the materiality associated with the bogs of Uíbh Ráthach. For this collaborative project, Karen Hendy brought together artists and performers working with each other, often outside the comfort zone of their familiar work environments and teams – a process that sparked creative dialogue across disciplines: painting, photography, poetry, calligraphy and performative drawing – marks created by dancers in charcoal on paper scrolls. They all take their inspiration from dance movements that take the repetitive, almost ritualistic task of turf cutting as a starting point. The Irish word Cré means both earth and clay but also refers to system of belief or principles.


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16-09-2023 At 11:00 to
21-12-2023 At 17:00

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